An Obvious Defense, Overlooked By Many.  By Jen Hudson

Note: The names have not been changed, as neither party is innocent.

Terry and Diane Visser lived in Blaine, Washington and had a habit of buying homes as investment properties.  They bought one of these “fixer-uppers” as an investment back in 2005.

After acquiring the property and beginning their renovations, they realized Continue reading

A Crazy Little Thing Called… FIRPTA. By Jen Hudson

You’re telling me there is a chance that the buyer pays the seller’s taxes???  How is that???  Continue reading

Myth Busters. Myth Buyers is More Like It! By Jen Hudson

Here’s a fun game.

You know how you hear people talking about increasing rental rates and then include numbers like 5% annual increases?  See, funny thing. There is a lot more to that story than meets the eye. Continue reading

“Be Strong”… I whispered to my wifi signal. by Jen Hudson

Investment real estate is one of the oldest and most inefficient Continue reading

What is the Point of Title Insurance? By Jen Hudson

Title Insurance DisneyA question I hear frequently is “why do I need  title insurance?”

Well… as they say at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disneyland.. Hold onto your hats and glasses folks! Continue reading