Rising Energy Prices

Energy prices are on the rise, according to a recent February 2014 survey conducted by Forbes, and it is an increasingly hot topic. From the standpoint of those that benefit from energy profits, the outlook is positive, says 81% of industry respondents.  Changes are happening and policies are going to be under the 2014 congressional spotlight.  Almost half of the respondents feel that it is likely that the U.S. will achieve energy independence in the foreseeable future…. but I’m not sure if that will make energy prices any more affordable locally.

From the standpoint of the user of a large property or older location with high energy costs to begin with, this news is not positive.  Maybe it’s time to become more pro-active, rather than re-active.  With prices on the rise and change in the air, now may be a perfect time to consider more efficient energy alternatives and upgrades to properties. Becoming pro “green energy” is becoming more and more attractive for many reasons, including the cost savings.

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