BREXIT. How Forces Influence Housing.

In case you missed it… recently the UK voted to Brexit from the EU.


This month’s read is less about the British withdrawal from the European Union and more about how world markets may or may not influence our local housing here at home in ‘Murica. Continue reading

A Crazy Little Thing Called… FIRPTA. By Jen Hudson

You’re telling me there is a chance that the buyer pays the seller’s taxes???  How is that???  Continue reading



You know Goldilocks, right?  Not too hot. Not too cold.  But, just right?  Well, that’s kind of what our economic reports are looking like right now.


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Tired of Treading Water? (Based on a True Story.) By Jen Hudson

Let me tell you a story.  Continue reading

Q3 Economy: Seattle

Report by ReisReports.

Among the accomplishments of the Seattle area economy over the last couple of decades was a diversification that lessened its dependence on cycles in aerospace manufacturing and related employment trends. A huge and nationally prominent high-technology sector led initially by Microsoft (and more recently augmented by Google and emerged along with a large health care sector. These, along with trade activity at regional ports provided cushions against the cycles common to local manufacturing. … Continue reading

Beyond the E-tail Era by Jennifer Norbut

Beyond the E-tail Era
New factors are shaping retail’s next phase.
by Jennifer Norbut

The sharp rise in e-tailing and its game-changing impact has created a new normal in the retail real estate sector. Major national retailers are evolving their strategies in an effort to “survive and thrive” in this new market dynamic. “The good news is that even though Apple, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, and other online giants killed record stores and video rental shops and are in the process of doing the same to electronics and bookstore big boxes, e-commerce will never replace the brick-and-mortar shopping experience,” says Sean Glickman, CCIM, managing director of Glickman Retail Group in Maitland, Fla. Continue reading