2016. TIME TO PLACE YOUR BETS. By Jen Hudson

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to see my predictions for 2016. (Thank you Adele.)Blurb - Predictions

Let’s call this prediction thing what it really is. Predictions are really observations of trends that are just beginning. Get ready to place your bets for 2016 based on new trends that are emerging in the market. Continue reading

First Time Real Estate Investor (Part 1)

Now is the perfect time to begin investing in real estate.  Many buyers are sitting on the fence waiting for things to change and talk about how our market is “down.”  In reality, you now have more negotiating power than ever.

If you are a new investor starting out, I recommend starting small.

Duplexes and Mother-in-Law apartments are a great beginning.  They allow you to live on one side and keep an eye on the premises while generating income at the same time.  Of course, there are drawbacks to this set-up.  Continue reading

First Time Real Estate Investor: Good Rental (Part 2)

So, you’ve decided it’s time to purchase an investment property.  How do you know if it’s a good rental?

There are a couple basic items to consider when looking at an investment property.  Just like in real estate, rentals are about location, location, location!

If you are considering a full-time rental property, is it close to schools, shopping or allow for easy commuting?  If you are looking at a vacation rental, what is the draw for that area and why do people visit?  Is there a golf course, beach or another attraction that brings people to the neighborhood consistently?  Even a retirement community?  Find out what it is and utilize that. Continue reading

First Time Real Estate Investors: Long Term (Part 3)

 As with any investment, part of planning is knowing how long you are going to keep it.  If you plan on keeping a property for 20 years, chances are you’re going to have to replace the roof, water heater and other items with a limited lifespan.  If you plan on keeping the property for only 5 years, then you’ll want to avoid those costly items if possible.  Or, at least take them into account with your costs and purchase price. Continue reading

First Time Real Estate Investors: Value (Part 4)

If you are just tuning in and are interested in investment properties, take a minute to browse through my previous articles before you get started. Part 1 – Tips for First Time InvestorsPart 2 – Is it a Good Rental?  Part 3 – How Long is Your Horizon?

So, you’ve found a couple properties that might be a good investment.  How do you know if they are worth it?  First, when looking at a potential investment property, use actual numbers, not future projected numbers. Continue reading

First Time Real Estate Investors: Final Steps (Part 5)

 To wrap up this series on investment properties, let’s take a look at some final pieces to keep your investment an investment.  If you haven’t read previous articles, start here for some worth while information on how to look at investing.

Investment-Income Producing Properties are a wonderful thing to have.  While everyone else is waiting for the market to change, this is the ideal time to negotiate some fabulous deals.  But it takes more than just purchasing a property to make it worth your while. Continue reading

Federal Laws, Tenant Occupancy & Foreclosures

Here’s a great tidbit from the Washington Association of REALTORS® legal hotline regarding federal laws, tenants & foreclosures….


Are there state and/or federal laws affecting tenant occupancy of rental property after a foreclosure sale? Continue reading

Tenant Occupancy and Foreclosure

Tenant Occupancy and Foreclosure. How long can I stay?


Are there new state and/or federal laws affecting tenant occupancy of rental property after a foreclosure sale? Continue reading

Property Management Q & A

Property Management Q & A

Q: A tenant of mine was the victim of a “home invasion” break-in (it was a co-worker who was mad at him for some reason that broke in). He says he is breaking his lease (he is in the first month of a 12 month lease) and moving out. Does he have the legal right to break his lease? If not, what do I do now? Continue reading