Straight Talk About “Forgiveness.”  No, not the kind of forgiveness at church.  I mean the tax burden kind.

The following is taken (well… almost) directly from Ed McFerran, McFerran Law, P.S. (253) 284-3838 or  He knows a lot of stuff.

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When the Walls are Closing In (based on a true story). By Jen Hudson.

You know when you run across those feel good moments and you realize why you’re really doing something? Recently, I had one of those moments again, and it made my day.

A couple months ago, I had a client call me.  To protect the innocent, let’s call him Joe.  The walls were closing in on him, and he had just gotten Continue reading

Tired of Treading Water? (Based on a True Story.) By Jen Hudson

Let me tell you a story.  Continue reading



No really, there are actually only 3 things you need to know in real estate investing, or any other type of investment for that matter! Continue reading


Real Investing.  A simple look at what you thought you knew.

Investing in real estate doesn’t have to be complex. Sure, it’s about the numbers.. but those numbers shouldn’t be overwhelming. Continue reading

Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extended to 12/31/2014

GREAT NEWS!!! The mortgage debt forgiveness act has been extended!

The bad news? It’s only extended until the end of this month (December 31, 2014).

In the past, congress has extended the mortgage debt forgiveness act a few times already.  This law allows sellers who were completing short sales or foreclosures to eliminate any need to pay tax on the amounts of debt being forgiven by the lender (or lenders).  This has been a very favorable law since 2007.

It has previously expired in 2013.. while the details are still being worked out, it appears that congress will extend this bill for debt forgiven between January 1st and December 31st, 2014.

We had hoped for an extension through the end of 2015, but that does not appear to be on the horizon at present.

But, this is great news for sellers who had (or will) complete their short sale or foreclosure during 2014.  While many had anticipated a tax implication, that may now have disappeared!

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Profit & Loss Statements – a necessary evil

We all hate preparing profit and loss statements, but they are necessary in the course of business.  The following information is courtesy Richard J. Welt, Attorney at Law with McFerran & Burns, P.S.,Practicing Real Estate Law in Western Washington since 1986.  Contact: (253) 284-3811 or While this article was tailored to fit with their bankruptcy series, it is also great advice and what you’ll need to prepare to apply for a loan as well.

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Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners

This information is courtesy Richard J. Welt, Attorney at Law with McFerran & Burns, P.S., Practicing Real Estate Law in Western Washington since 1986.  Contact: (253) 284-3811 or

Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners

Filing bankruptcy if you have an interest in a corporation or a Limited Liability Company requires some extra work for you and your bankruptcy lawyer.  Preparing an accurate balance sheet listing the company’s assets and debts is a critically important part of this process.

Keep in mind that just because you file bankruptcy doesn’t mean that your Limited Liability Company or corporation should file bankruptcy.  You are not the company, and the company is not you. Your Limited Liability Company or corporation is a separate entity under the law. Continue reading