Sometimes, all I can do is shake my head.

Did you hear about the report released by Quartz a while back that came to the conclusion that “Home values rise when a Starbucks location hits the neighborhood”?

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2016. TIME TO PLACE YOUR BETS. By Jen Hudson

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to see my predictions for 2016. (Thank you Adele.)Blurb - Predictions

Let’s call this prediction thing what it really is. Predictions are really observations of trends that are just beginning. Get ready to place your bets for 2016 based on new trends that are emerging in the market. Continue reading

And The Award Goes To… Miss Information. By Jen Hudson

Whoops, typo.  I mean misinformation.

There are a number of headlines out there that make it seem like rents are out of control.  Funny thing, it’s not like it sounds.  Let’s dig further into this whole rent thing.

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“Be Strong”… I whispered to my wifi signal. by Jen Hudson

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Zoning. It doesn’t have to be the monster under your bed. By Jen Hudson

This next sentence may be one of those “no, duh!” type statements, but just hear me out.  Cities, towns and counties are usually made up of different Continue reading



No really, there are actually only 3 things you need to know in real estate investing, or any other type of investment for that matter! Continue reading


Real Investing.  A simple look at what you thought you knew.

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Re/Max sets IPO price at bullish $22 per share

Real estate heavyweight Re/Max Holdings Inc. set its initial public offering at $22 per share — above a previously announced expected range of $19 to $21 — indicating that the franchisor expects investors will demonstrate their optimism for the U.S. housing recovery when shares begin trading tomorrow on the New York Stock Exchange.

After expenses, Re/Max, which will trade under the ticker “RMAX,” expects to raise at least a net of $195.8 million, which it will use to buy out a large shareholder and reacquire two franchise regions in the U.S.

The 40-year-old company founded by David and Gail Liniger in Denver in 1973 now boasts 90,000 agents in 6,300 offices in more than 90 countries affiliated with the brand. Continue reading

12 Key Factors When Buying Land

 Congratulations!  You’ve decided to build your own home.  But where do you start?

Now that you’ve drawn up the plans or maybe even picked out your perfect manufactured or modular home, you’ll need to find the land to put it on.  It may sound like a simple process.  Pick the home, buy the land and move-in, but it’s much more complex than that.  Finding that right piece of land can be just as cumbersome as searching for the perfect home, if not more.  And, to complicate matters even more, not all real estate agents know land, so make sure you find one that does. Continue reading

Be the Bank

Let’s admit it.  Making money in real estate during times of appreciation and free flowing financing does not take skill, negotiation or fluent understanding of the market.  For the last decade, you could have pretty much bought something with your eyes closed and still made money the next year.  Did you notice that “real estate investors” started coming out of the woodwork?  Of course, now we have “foreclosure specialists” and “short sale experts,” but that discussion is for another day.


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