56“Jen Hudson has been a valued member of our commercial panel since 2012 and has completed over 260 commercial property valuations with us. We appreciate the continued partnership and look forward to working with Jen in the future.”

– Clear Capital, January 31, 2014


“I have worked with Jen Hudson since 2009. She has proven to be knowledgeable, professional, experienced in her market place, and a pleasure to work with.  I am always happy to review her loan requests, and would recommend her to all serious real estate investors.”

– Mr. David J. Cook, Senior V.P. Operations, American National Financial Group, Inc.


“I am proud to endorse Jen Hudson as a Real Estate Professional.  Having the pleasure of working with her on several transactions, I highly recommend her knowledge, leadership, and experience in assisting buyers and sellers in accomplishing their goals.  She knows the markets and knows what it takes to be successful in them.”

– Tom Lasswell, scfl, Sr. Lending Advisor and Planner, HomeStreet Bank

“Jen Hudson is a VERY knowledgeable and detail oriented professional.  I have known her for years and have always been able to rely on her attention to detail and her expertise when working on projects with her.  I would HIGHLY recommend Jen Hudson to my closest friends, family and associates as I know she would take impeccable care of them.”

– Denise Lones, The Lones Group

“Our experience working with Jen Hudson was a pleasure.  She was always on time for our meetings, professional, informative, knowledgeable and helpful with our short sale we were going through.  She not only went with us when we had to meet with a lawyer, but she was very patient with us and took the extra time to explain all the mounds of paperwork we were dealing with. We highly recommend her.”

-Jim and Kitty J., clients


“It is very hard to make a major move across the country without people you can rely on, and Jen proved to be one of those people.”

-Bob and Becky B., repeat clients


“She is an angel.”

-Pearl B., client


“However Jen made sense out of all my paperwork as amazing.  The results speak for themselves.  Her quiet confidence in dealing with the banks was reassuring.  She kept me calm when I had too many requests.  It was wonderful to have her in my corner.”

-Carol R., client


“Jen Hudson is one of my favorite people. I’ve known and worked with her for a long time. She is sweet, caring, and clearly knows a thing or two about real estate! If that isn’t already obvious, I highly recommend finding out for yourself. I love working for Jen.”

-Briauna Mariah, assistant

“I am impressed by her professionalism and approach to the business.”

-Jennifer L., managing broker


“I am proud to hand Jen over to any of my clients.”

-Elly S., agent


“Selling our property was a very difficult and challenging decision to make, but with Jen’s help and advice, it was definitely the right decision for us.  She was wonderful to work with.  We hope to work with her again!”

-Shane and Jess M., client


“Thank you so much, Jen Hudson! You really helped me think about this and relax.”

-Katie & family, client


“Her qualifications are exemplary and would highly recommend her anytime.”

-Angela and Chuck S., client


“We were blown away by how much Jen covered in such a short amount of time.”

-Bev & Mike S., client


“Her ability to handle everything for everyone who needs help is quite an inspiration.”

-Megan G., assistant

“I really appreciate the work you did for us.  Its been a pleasure.  If anyone ever needs an agent in your area, I’ll refer them to you.”

– Vanessa R., client