Hi, I’m Jen Hudson. I would like to think I’m a fairly regular, 51down-to-earth person who just tells it how it is.  In addition to riding ponies since before I could walk, I grew up as a little 8 year old girl who “helped” her daddy (who is a CPA and attorney) build a couple houses and many barns for the family… so I guess this whole business is just in my blood.  Previously, I developed a property management company from the ground up, built it into something successful and assisted with the sale of that division.  I’ve helped a number of small business owners get up and running and reorganized how they operate, so they could expand and grow their services.

Within the community I have served numerous roles.  From past-president of the chamber of commerce, economic development committees, realtor board of directors, to volunteering for senior centers, area foundations, therapeutic riding centers, etc. It feels good to go to bed some nights and know that I’m trying to make a difference.

Recently, I’ve just started a memorial scholarship fund that will be given out each year to high school graduates.  It’s been really neat to go through that process, and I’m hoping I can grow this over the years.

Personally, I think you need to be a real person in this business.  I feel blessed because I actually love what I do.  I get to wake up every day and work on deals.  That’s cool.  And, I know I’ve helped dozens of people change their lives around completely and get them back on track because of it.


Welcome to Hudson Commercial Real Estate Group. My exclusive focus is on creating value for my clients through, many times through more innovative solutions.

From initial project consultation through final implementation, I have the expertise and resources to guide you through each step of the process, while also saving you considerable time, energy, and money. I have worked on just under a Billion Dollars (with a “B”) of off-market real estate transactions and lease analysis for local and national financial institutions. My menu of real estate services includes:

ACQUISITION + DISPOSITION SERVICES.  That’s just fancy talk for buy and sell. What is your property worth? What is the actual highest and best use? What and how should you pay for that piece of land or old tear-down that has been condemned? Maybe your property will bring a higher sales price if you do some conversions or rezoning? The secret is to buy right. If you already own it and paid too much, then salvage what you can. Either way, you need to plan accordingly, especially when you factor in taxes.
 Asset Acquisition
 Site Searches and Acquisition
 Single Asset + Portfolio Evaluation
 Single Asset + Portfolio Disposition

ALTERNATIVE DISPOSITION SERVICES.  Sometimes life happens and we need Plan B. There are more creative solutions to mitigate taxes, liability, or management issues. No matter what, there is a solution. Sometimes a combination of them, that will meet your needs.
 Sale and Lease-Back
 Installment Sales
 Auction
 Lease with Option to Purchase
 1031 Exchange (requires intermediary)

NON-PERFORMING ASSET SOLUTIONS. Then life takes another sudden turn and now you are on Plan C or D. There are options to relieve some of the pain, frustration, stress, and embarrassment. Each situation is confidential. It’s amazing the number of stories I will take to the grave. For years, I have worked with a wide range of professionals and have helped countless people get back on track.
 Receivership (Washington State Statue)
 Sale and Lease-Back Opportunities
 Auction
 Bankruptcy
 Forebearance
 Short Sale
 Foreclosure
 Loan Modifications

STRATEGIC PERFORMANCE. A successful investment requires planning and strategy. Shocking, right? This planning can be either project or market specific. What returns should you expect for an investment? What does your specific building look like compared to the competition? Will the demographics support your property? What properties are experiencing a shortage and which are in oversupply? How much cash will you need? More importantly, where is the opportunity?
Look, I don’t have a crystal ball. I am out on the streets myself each and every day watching what is going on. I put my own money at risk in the same investments I recommend to my clients. A thorough analysis from the global view down to the dirt you buy or already own, along with an accurate time frame for modeling can make all the difference on whether a project is profitable or should be shut down. The good deals don’t sit around and wait, so you’d better be prepared and know what you’re looking for.
 Research and Consulting
 Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies
 Project or Site plan Review with Recommendations
 Unit Mix Analysis and Lease Review with Recommendations

ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES.  You want to make some money, but do not want to actually be involved. There are other ways to invest in real estate, without being the owner. Like many of us, you’re probably chasing yields. Since 2008, I’ve been able to consistently offer my passive investors between an 8-12% annual return, for projects ranging from 5 to 36 months. This opportunity is open to a select group of approved investors, so ask about the opportunities that may be starting soon.
 Debt Investor
 Joint Ventures or Partnership Opportunities
 Acquisition at Auction

LEASING REVIEW SERVICES: LANDLORD ONLY.  I’ve started and have run the property management company in the past, but that’s not my thing anymore. As most investors know, the higher the Net Operating Income, the higher the property value. As part of your sales preparation, sometimes years in advance, I work with you to ensure the property is performing where it should be. I will give you the data to make sure your leases are at market and make recommendations that will increase your bottom line.
 Lease Analysis & Recommendations
 Lease Consolidation + Re-negotiation

Many of my clients may not always need a full in-depth valuation or countless hours of research. But, many of them do. Depending on the complexity of the project, my services are structured on either a fee, commission, profit sharing, or combination of options, for a more cost-effective strategy for all parties.

First, contact me to see if your project or idea is the right fit for my services. Call/Text me at (206) 293-1005 or email: Jen@HudsonCREG.com