Tax Relief, Debt Relief, and no more litigation

I have helped roughly 80 property owners get out of some pretty sticky situations over the past 4 years, but one that I won’t ever forget…

I had a client who was down on her luck, had some less than ideal tenants, and a very aggressive owner’s association.. all come crashing down together.  I took around 4 months, but after countless piles of paperwork, documents, and very persistent negotiations I was able to help my client out of $150k in additional debt, remove a less than desirable tenant from the property, negotiated $11k in owner association back dues to be paid by her bank, and ended the pending litigation with the association.

It was an amazing outcome and we accomplished more than I thought we would, in a relatively short time.  Best part?  Do you want to know how much it cost my client personally for the service?  Absolutely nothing.

I was able to get one of the banks to cover all costs used for settling the problems, and they just wrote it off.  Oh, and as a bonus, the bank that took the loss for everything put in writing that they won’t ever pursue my client for their loss.  Icing on the cake.

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